Wildfell by London Clarke - Release Day!!


WildfellWildfell by London Clarke My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thank you to Netgalley and London Clarke for the opportunity to read this gem prior to release day. Although I would have hoped to finish this in one setting my calendar had other ideas, but every chance I got to read a few lines, this was the book I reached for. Anne Fleming makes a rash decision to leave the states and head to London in hopes to distance herself from her recent indiscretions and her mother. Not knowing what the horror that was ahead of her, she allowed herself to open up to her fellow roommates and the creepy, old mansion called Wildfell. With a dark past and old tales surrounding the house, the residents put their better judgment aside and try to move on from whatever it is in their lives they're running from. Anne's growing curiosity and gut feelings telling her something is off, she finds herself longing for the talk, dark and handsome man named, Bain. With growing feelings that can't be acted upon, she questions Bain's motives and tries to unravel the tales of the house. I gave this fives stars because not only did it unfold in the most perfect way, London carefully sculpted each character from the Landlord's mute daughter Alice to the maid and walked you through the house's interior layout as if you were there experiencing it too!

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