The Autoimmune Protocol Made Simple Cookbook by Sophie Van Tiggelen

A huge thank-you to Netgalley, Author - Sophie Van Tiggelen and Fairwind Press for the ARC of this fabulous cookbook!

I was diagnosed about 4 years ago with an autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis. It’s not terrible for me at this point because I’ve been able to manage it with diet, rest and exercise. Not to forget, yoga and meditation as well, both were major stress-relievers which I very much need in order to balance my health and disease so that I don’t suffer the consequences of symptoms.

At one point, I was prescribed seven different medications. SEVEN!

They were supposed to help with my aches, pains, stomach upset, headaches, inflammation and the list goes on. I wish I could say I found the answer and that they helped me feel better…they didn’t. It took me about 2 years to figure out that the medications that we given to me by a professional weren’t doing much besides making me succumb to the side-effects.

I was done. Ready for something whole, something healing and yet I knew my old diet wouldn’t help me. I needed nourishment and I needed it without preservatives or sugars, salts or anything artificial. And I needed to eat something that I knew would help me heal.

Viewing this on Netgalley and I knew I had to try it and I’m glad I did! There’s not too many useful and delicious cookbooks out there that cater specifically to those with autoimmune deficiencies.

Interestingly enough, when I researched the author, I found that Sophie suffered with Hashimoto’s disease, something my youngest daughter also suffers with and I realized that not only was I reading something that could change my life, I was reading and developing a healing process through food for my child. So that she could heal and feel the very best she can!

There’s no better advice given, than from someone who know exactly where you are and has walked in your shoes. I know every experience is a little different but there’s definitely a comfort about it.


The Autoimmune Protocol Made Simple Cookbook by Sophie Van Tiggelen

The Autoimmune Protocol Diet is gaining attention as the top health-supportive diet for the 50 million people suffering from autoimmune conditions; however living the AIP way can feel confusing and overwhelming.

You may have no idea where to start and are overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of foods to avoid and strict guidelines to adhere to -- the reality is that you can do the AIP diet easily (and deliciously!)

Written by popular AIP blogger, Sophie Van Tiggelen, of A Squirrel in the Kitchen, The Autoimmune Protocol Made Simple Cookbook distills the complicated science and diet tenets found in other AIP books down to most practical, actionable, "need-to-know" information in the form of diet guidelines, 100 recipes, shopping lists, as well as simple tools and strategies for doing the AIP diet successfully. 

This book makes AIP clear and understandable with short, succinct explanations of the different AIP approaches and 100 AIP-compliant recipes that are inventive and delicious -- and don't make you feel like you are eating on a restricted diet. 


The first beginner's guide to cooking and living the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP) easily and successfully with 100 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes, pantry lists, and shopping guides.

  • Shows you how to do the AIP diet easily and deliciously

  • 100 AIP-compliant recipes don’t feel like a restricted diet

  • Author is a popular blogger and author of Simple French Paleo

About Sophie Van Tiggelen

Hi!  I am Sophie! I am an autoimmune warrior, foodie, recipe developer, and photographer.  I am also wife to an athlete always hungry and mother of three busy teenage girls!  Our family moved to Colorado from Belgium in 2000 and we all speak French at home.  So you may find that my recipes have a certain French flair!  I keep myself apprised of what is happening on the other side of the ocean in the healthy eating movement.  We can always learn something useful from the experience of our neighbors.

Sophie Van Tiggelen