How to Make Self-Promotion & Marketing Fun and Doable for Your Next Book

I don’t know many authors who come alive when it’s time to promote their book unless their a celebrity and used to the attention. Of course, you’ll want to share your book and talk about it in the right setting, but let’s be honest, you’d rather be writing.


A lot of us proclaim that the writing is for us, but the whole point is for others to enjoy and find some comfort or frights, (depending on what you’re into) in the work that you’ve labored over, and in order to reach readers other than our loyal fans and friends, we have to do some promoting.

I have good news for you, you might be rolling your eyes and thinking that this is the last thing you’d rather do, but I promise, I have a few easy tips to get your work our into the world and hopefully into the hands of some new readers!

Before you publish… MARKET - This includes pre-release reviews, cover releases, pre-orders, and interviews prior to releasing your book are all great marketing strategies.

After you publish... PROMOTE - The product is your book and now you’ve got to sell it! Try, advertising, blog tours, free days and giveaways are all promotional strategies.

Even with a team, you may want to research some new ways to get your book seen and shared and don’t forget how important reviews are!


Insight #1: When you market, you are not just selling a product — you are selling yourself.

Share yourself. Get out there with an Authors Profile on both Amazon and Goodreads to start. Then move onto LinkedIn where you can post blog posts, share links and follow potential fans and readers. We all know Facebook and Twitter are both great places to advertise too, if you haven’t already, you’ll want to create a Facebook Page and Group to connect with fans. The nice thing about Facebook, (I know, there aren’t many) is that you can join groups to share and post your work which will inevitability help you score more views!