The Crochet Stitch Handbook by Betty Barnden

This is the perfect book for the beginner or for someone looking to brush up on their skills and learn some new stitches you might not have known about.

I’ve been crocheting for 20+ years now and I still love a good how-to crochet book. I find that I’m always learning something new especially different techniques, tools and secrets that I didn’t even know existed!

You must pick this book up if you’re want to start a new hobby or are interested in crochet. I’m here to tell you there’s great healing benefits from this skill…plus you can make great gifts too!

You can see some of my projects here.


The Crochet Stitch Handbook fully explains over 200 stitches. A perfect starter guide for beginners, with advanced projects and details for experts, this book is a wonderful addition to the library of any crafter, crocheter, or knitter. 

The handbook includes step-by-step instructions for basic stitches, textured stitches, fans and shells stitches, mesh and filet stitches, openwork and lace stitches, trims and edgings, clusters, puffs, bobbles, spike, relief, Tunisian, multi-color, squares, and special stitches.

Crochet is the technique of making a looped fabric from a continuous length of yarn, using a single hook. The word crochet itself derives from the French croc, meaning a hook (or crook); an old Scottish name for crochet is "shepherd's knitting." It is one of the most portable and flexible of crafts, requiring only a hook and some yarn. 

Master the basic techniques of crochet, and more, to create a fascinating variety of effects with The Crochet Stitch Handbook.