Willow by Jenny Crisp - #bookreview


Let’s face it, crafts and trades are no longer a thing of the past, it’s becoming more and more popular for younger generations to learn the specific skills whether as a hobby or something more involved like buying, selling or bartering. If anything, you’ll always have a gift ready and available for last minute celebrations and we all know people love handmade.

Jenny provides an easy to approach instruction manual teaching you all the ins and outs of basket making. This may be an ancient technique but with Jenny explaining it feels like an easy DIY project anyone could tackle. Plus, it’s not just basket weaving, you’ll learn how to grow, harvest and prepare the Willow for any project!



As natural materials such as wood, leather, rattan and cork continue to be used in the home, handmade woven objects, from bread baskets and trays to stools and screens, are fast becoming the must-have accessories of the contemporary interior. Master basket maker and willow grower, Jenny Crisp, teaches you some of the key weaving techniques to make 20 simple willow projects without the need of complicated tools. Jenny’s approach is innovative and moves forward beyond the old patterns and boundaries, to allow the reader to make work that is fresh and for contemporary use.