10 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Summer

1. Choose Right - Endless invites? To BBQ's, Weddings, Lunches, etc...? Take a step back and accept only the important ones!
2. Relax, Baby - That's right! No need to always be "Doing" something. #DoNothing - it's okay!
3. Make a Plan - Write a list for the month of all that you want to see, visit, watch & do.
4. Eat Raw! - Prepare fresh salads every day; easy no-bake recipes.
5. Work Outdoors - Set up a work station outside so you can enjoy the sun, watch the kids and work hard
6. Get Creative - Take pics of your summer days and have fun on Instagram!
7. Om in the Sun - Find a spot on the grass and meditate...namaste
8. Splish, Splash - Swim away your worries and your calories!
9. Book It - Book the all-inclusive trip! No more stress, just relaxing.
10. B.Y.O.F - Enjoy Family Time & Friends by inviting them over "Pot-Luck" style