In the Kitchen with Dad for Father's Day

Some Dad's can be hard to shop for which is why we somehow always end up with a tie or a set of golf balls. Which either way, you know dad will appreciate and get some use out of. But in order to break our pattern of predicability and really surprise dear old Dad, we have to look high and low for the ideal gift. 

father's day

I don't of many Dads who don't love good food and beer.

If he's into home-brew we've got some great reading to get his started. 

Grilling may be more his thing or perhaps he's been salivating over that smoked brisket he watched get devoured in "Man vs. Food". 

Still don't know what to give Your Dad? Here are 10 awesome ideas!
1. Trendy Polo Shirt
2. Tickets to a Sporting Event
3. Anything BBQ
4. Shaving Kit
5. Latest Gadget
6. Travel Poker Set
7. Cufflinks
8. All-in-One Tool kit
9. Funky Socks
10. Whiskey Making Kit
Happy Father's Day!