What to do on a Rainy Day in the Summertime

For the Home-bodies

1. Splish Splash it's time to take that bath!
2. Lay back and watch a movie marathon or read all day long
3. Look who's cookin'? Bake some old family recipes or never-been-done ones. 
4. Invite friends over for drinks and party games
5. Seriously plan a vacation where there is NO RAIN!!!

For those who don't mind getting wet

1. Walk in the park - there's sure to be peace and quiet
2. Brush up on your photography skills in the rain!
3. Go puddle jumping - like for real!
4. Swimming - get a massage from Mother Nature as you splash around
5. Bar Hopping - grab a cocktail on an outdoor terrace (with an awning, of course). Cheers!