Handmade Baskets

I've been crocheting for years and have always gravitated towards the quicker projects, preferring to have instant gratification over one that's long and drawn-out. That's probably why I love making baskets as much as I do. That and I just really love baskets, in general! 

I use all organic materials like hemp and cotton cord naturally dyed with plants. The hemp cord has been rough on my hands; wrapping them with an ace bandage or using small bandaids to cover the most injury prone areas is a tricked I picked up real quick. My pointer-finger, where the cord rests suffers the worst of it. I'm making it sound worse than it really is, once I complete a project without covering my hands, I'll have what looks like rug burn where the fiber makes contact repeatedly. It makes sense, although different in some ways, the cord or even yarn we use isn't too different than what our carpets are woven with.

I'll share some patterns on the blog for those that are interested and I do plan on putting some up that will be for sale. In the meantime, if you're interested, I can do custom orders. 

Send me an email at elizabeth@ourinkandstone.com with the size and colors you'd like. It takes me about a full 1-2 days to make it.