A Flop? Did Amazon's Prime Day Fail to Impress?


Being an Amazon Associate and lover of MOST things Amazon, I've been following the Prime Day news and deals since they started advertising. Who can miss them? I guess, those living under a rock might not have seen the countless ads both online and on TV! 

Amazon is a big business and just like Walmart, we have a love/hate relationship with them. Who can deny the savings in comparison to other retailers? or the convenience for that matter?

Usually when thinking of a huge business like Amazon and all their marketing dollars, you don't assume that everything will go off without a hitch. You would hope that would be the case, but just like any other company large or small, they face hurdles that hurt their bottom line. 

Today, 8 hours ago to be exact Amazon went live with their Prime Day Deals, but the landing page was done, throwing an error message to those who visited it. There were even errors reported upon checkout as well. 

Linking directly to product page works ok but this kind of an issue makes things really tough when you're crunching numbers, trying to get results and most of all, orders. 

I've worked in e-commerce for years now and have witnessed all types of issues, in every area. And just like Amazon, we scrambled to fix the problem first and then point fingers later. You know someone will be on the hook for this kind of tech disaster! 

Regardless, you know there's savings to be had today. Don't let the landing page slow you down. I'm told accessing the site through the smile.amazon.com link works just fine, but it hasn't for me. 

*Quick Update - I'm not able to login or shop  on either Amazon.com or smile.amazon.com