Get Control Back with Yoga

Online yoga teacher certification course

I think we all go through periods in life where we might not be feeling our best, both emotionally and physically. For me, there were times I lacked direction, not sure which way to head next. Those times are always the best for self-evaluation. Figuring out where you can make a change based on past events and allow yourself the chance to open up and move forward. 


During one of my directionless moments, I decided to get certified as a Yoga Instructor. It happened to be one of the best decisions that I've ever made! 

Following the classes from home at my own pace was the only way I would have been able to accomplish such a time-demanding task. At the time, my kids were all young, care was totally handson and so much different now that their teens. 


The program I joined, Aura Wellness, provided all the materials including books, DVDs, online videos and more support than I knew what to do with both with the instructor and the community of other trainee instructors. Aside from the technical skills need to achieve the certification, Aura Wellness also provided the help needed to get you out in the world, teaching and using your new knowledge to help others.

No matter what stage you're at, the level and class choice are up to you. There are options for every skill set and level! It's one way to get fit, lose stress and get back on the right path! 

Yoga for Healing