Hurricane Brain

It’s been almost a week since Hurricane Florence first made landfall and we’re still dealing with, what I call, Hurricane Brain.

Gloomy Day

This storm not only lasted for days and days, but it dumped way more water than what I thought to be possible in such a short amount of time, and yet we dealt with the horrible conditions for a good five days before finally feeling relief. Even that was short lived, once the sun started to cook it created the most unbearable humidity EVER!

No joke. I feel like my skin is melting from the inside out! It goes without saying that I haven’t been outside much!

During times like this, you really get a glimpse of how giving people truly are. It’s sad that it takes a disaster for us to show love to our community and to our neighbors. How many of you know who lives next to you?

Truth be told, I don’t love the town we’re in right now but I can’t let location be the cause of my unhappiness! We all know that comes from the inside out but I also know that finding your tribe is just as important.

Rain and tree down

However, the last week I’ve watched crews all the way from California, Missouri, Kansas and Florida stand in the wind and rain to get the lights back on. I’ve been lifted up my my co-workers who all reached out to lend a hand no matter what we needed, and I’ve watched strangers offer their place in line to the mother with 3 children waiting in the rain just to get whatever food is available to feed her family.

The rain is gone, the wind died down but there’s still a lot of rebuilding to do. If you’re able, extend a helping hand to those struggling and affected by the Hurricane. You don’t know what this hell is like until you’ve lived through it yourself and let me be clear… no two hurricanes are the same!

This one came in at a Category 1 and caused more chaos than some categorized as a 4! This one was special! Instead of hunkering down and riding it out like we thought, we ended up having to reevaluate our situation every 1-2 hours as the forecast changed. Sometimes we were getting ready to head south and others we turned around wanting to head north. It seemed like no place was safe and within reach for us to escape.

Now as I sit at my desk with sun shining in, I’m gearing up to get back into work mode. I know I’m one of the lucky few who can get back to somewhat of a normal schedule. There are thousands who cannot say the same.

If you get a chance to check in on a loved one who had to endure the wrath of Florence or find a charity that helps families in need, please reach out or donate. I can’t tell you grateful they will be even if it’s just a kind word to let them know they’re in your thoughts!

Sending you all good vibes!