Release Day Blitz With ARC

Release Day Blitz With ARC


Blitz Management
 We'll send invites to bloggers and a google form to record post links. We'll distribute the content for their posts and the ARC. We'll also provide a release day banner.

Giveaway Management
A Giveaway is optional but is recommended to boost participation. Although, all Giveaways MUST be purchased and provided by the Author. Up to five prizes can be included (6 to 10 prizes, holds an additional $5 charge, 11+ holds an additional $10 charge). We will manage your Giveaway on Rafflecopter.

Social Media Promotion
We will promote your release on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tsu, Tumblr and Twitter. During the duration of your blitz we will collect and share the links to the posts on Social Media.

This release blitz can last between one and three days.

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