How to Get the Self-Care You Need and Why

Working from home has it’s challenges and most people it’s the lack of human interaction that causes the most harm, After freelancing for 4 years and working from home for years prior, I’ve learned that I have no lack of companionship or conversation. In fact, it borders on too much.


I spend so much time during the day either interacting with customers, meetings with co-workers, family time, and potential/current clients that I’m so beat in the evenings and weekends.

What I’m not getting enough of is self-care and personal time. Until recently that is.

I realized my tank was running on fumes after several sad and stressful events hit our family. It was then that I noticed I wasn’t doing what I needed to take care of myself, yet I was somehow able to do it for everyone else. But for how long? When the tank is empty, that’s it.

To get back on track I started treating myself to me-time, treats (small shopping trips), yoga and dedicated time for meditation. No matter what I was dealing with in a day, I took time for myself.

As women, moms, wives, friends, daughters, and sisters we tend to take on too much. Sometimes striving for perfection, but most times just trying to be everything to everyone. It’s not possible. It’s not sustainable.


We can be stronger, more aware, less stressed, anxiety-free and happy if we allow ourselves to be. When you’ve reached your limit you can’t be afraid to say no or ask for help. You’d be surprised how many people love you enough to step in and offer a hand.

It’s hard to show our vulnerabilities, especially when we want that job or raise, or for our children to have everything and not want for a single thing, but to offer ourselves fully with wisdom and kindness. To be a caring and understanding wife and teammate and all those other titles we want to claim. In the end, the title won’t matter and yes, people will remember how you made them feel and if you went beyond for them, but they will also know that you’re human.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, to recognize our mortality, but it’s OK and it’s beautiful in all it’s imperfections.

You may not be into the same past-times as I am, so whatever you fancy, do that.

I love me

Get outside, take a walk, go dancing, meet friends, workout… but most of all….