The Power of Self - A poem

The Power of Self - A Poem

I finally felt complete in my own form-fitting protective layering of flesh, blood, bones and skin… but here I am.

I walked a long path that still stretches out before me, I’ve seen beauty and I’ve seen sin.

But I still stand.

With the moonlight pouring over me, I realize I am not some broken thing. I am whole and I raise my hands to sing.

The song that was always within me had to reveal it’s words, rhythm and beat. So everyone around me would finally take a seat.


The cage is open and I turn to see. That there’s nothing there waiting for me.

I was deafened before, encapsulated in a dream.

Then I saw I love, it looked right at me and opened the door.

Waiting for me.

The cage it called and I stood up and stepped on out to find your hand reaching for my hand.

You helped me up when I struggled to stand.

So now I look back, at those folks who came to see me.

In the cage, locked, not free.

They came to point and stare, offering nothing but despair.

Look at me now. Walking on, one and one. Hand in hand towards the sun.