Bring Your Clients to Upwork

For a limited time, we’re offering a special promotion for Top Rated freelancers who bring their offline clients to Upwork. Top Rated freelancers, we're offering 0% on fees with new clients you bring to Upwork.

That's 0% on all contracts you have with that client, forever. Even if you lose your Top Rated status, you’ll continue to pay a 0% fee on these contracts.

What's in it for you: 

  • Peace of mind, knowing you'll get paid on time and enjoy Upwork Payment Protection.

  • Easier project management, keeping all your work in a single spot & streamline payments and invoicing.

  • Earn more work and increase your reputation, by completing more projects you'll rise in Upwork search results.

  • Easier project management for your clients, clients will appreciate the convenience and simplicity too.

Bring Your Clients to Upwork

Once you've been hired: 

1. Email us at with your client's name and contract ID. You'll see the ID listed when you select your contract on your My Jobs page.

2. We’ll apply the 0% service fee on your contract within 3 business days. This promotion only applies to clients you bring who do not have an account on Upwork.

Note: If you have NOT received a personal invitation link, please email or let us know here – we'll be happy to provide it.

If by next week you haven't received an email with your personal invitation link, reach out to or let us know here.