Trying to Waste-Less this Christmas? It's Totally Doable


I don’t think there’s anyone on this planet who has been around a Christmas Tree and not felt overwhelmed by the mountain garbage left over from the frenzy of unwrapping, tearing, and untying our presents on Christmas morning.

I think of the poor wrapping paper that was created just to be destroyed, with no real purpose other than to cloak it’s contents for a brief time, and suffer the fate of either ending up in the fire or in a garbage bag destined for (I hope) recycling or worse yet, the landfill.


To the few crafty people who reuse or somehow down-cycle the paper, more power to you! There are some alternatives to this massive paper carnage that helps save the trees and leaves a lot less garbage destined for the dump.

I know it’s Sunday, with only Christmas Eve, left between us and the big day but there’s still time to adjust your wrapping plan, if you haven’t already unraveled that tube of paper and taped the heck out of it!

To not steer completely away from paper, one alternative is reusing newspaper for wrapping. It’s doesn’t sound glamorous but trust me with some paint, maybe a few stamps, and your creative eye, you can transform regular old newspaper into original artwork! Of course, just adding a bow and some ribbon is just enough and won’t cost you too much time, especially if you have a lot of gifts to get covered.


Additional Paper-type Options

  • shop bags

  • recycled craft paper

  • Old paper grocery bags

Another fun alternative is wrapping with fabric! No tape is involved and you can reuse and even wash it again and again. Trust me, a trip to any fabric or craft store will give you hope - there are tons of holiday-themed prints that are just as easy to use as paper and maybe even more fun! The same decorating applies with adding some additional flare like bows, ribbons and tags too!

More Fabric Options

  • silk scarves

  • cloth napkins


Alternatives to Bows & Ribbons

  • twine

  • broaches

  • dried oranges

  • cinnamon sticks

  • fresh herbs

  • old Christmas cards