The Backend of Customer Service



It's hard for anyone to really admit that they just LOVE being a customer service agent. Who would given the bad rap we have?

And I know first-hand because I am often on both sides of the coin and experience it from a customer's perspective when handling my personal business. It IS frustrating to get someone good on the line when it's the very last thing you want to be doing! 

However, putting my work hat on for this post, I want to give you a glimpse into the backend of customer service. 


No matter where we are in the world when working, we need a few things to get the job done. Internet is usually the most important! But we also need systems! Platforms that help us gather customer insight, order information and shipping status without taking up too much of the customer's time with the intention of keeping the customer happy! 

After researching options, let me tell all you customers out there wanting fast, easy help with no frustration... it does exisit and it can be reality as long as you understand what it is us agents have to filter through just to get you the info your of yesterday! 

We have our ticketing software that helps us filter, read and respond to requests, plus we have our ordering system that sometimes houses the shipping info...but not always. And you can't forget your payment processor for failed payments or refund requests. 

Often all these systems don't talk to eachother within one platform, often, agents are working in 2-3 systems and sometimes more depending on the set-up. If you throw in the marketing team, it adds a whole new level to the mix too! 


Next time you're on the line needing some help and you've got a good agent, who is nice and trying to help...have some patience knowing they're probably sorting through multple channels to find your info. 

Having said all that, I too, have been a vicitim of awful customer service and doing the job myself for many years I can tell you there's never a need for it. If you're being treated unfairly by the agent respectuflly request someone else to help! It's not a ob cut out for everyone but for the right people it can be rewarding for both the customer and the agent!